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                    Since PPE sells by direct mail, we need your assistance in making sure our fully
                  priced molding accessory catalogs get to the right people and the right companies.
                                   Please take a moment to fill out this form, thank you.

        NOTE: Customers Assurance: This information is for PPE only and will not be passed on to any plastics magazine!
        1. What type of plastic processing is done by your company?       University, School
          Assembly of plastic parts      Decorating/Finishing             Plastic Coating, Printing
          BLOW MOLDING                   EXTRUSION                        Machining, Plastics
             Extrusion Blow molding        Blown/Cast Film, Bags          Packaging, Plastics
             Injection Blow molding        Coating, Web                   Recycling, Plastics
             Stretch Blow molding          Pipe/Conduit/Profile/Tube      Pultrusion
          Bonding                          Sheet                          R&D facility
          Calendering                    Fabrication of plastics          Reinforced Composites
          Casting                        Foam molding                     RIM
          Compounding                    INJECTION MOLDING                Rotational molding
          Compression molding            Laminating                       Thermoforming
          None                           Mold or die making               Vacuum Forming
          OTHER PROCESS (Please explain):________________________________________________________
          Approximate number of molding machines: ___________________________________________________
        2. Do you have our latest molding accessory catalog?____________________________________________
        3. Should we add your company name to our mailing list?__________________________________________
        4. Do you have other locations doing plastic molding?____________________________________________
           (If yes, please give us the addresses below).
        5. Please list your complete MAILING information below (we may call you to verify).
        COMPANY NAME:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

        STREET: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
        CITY: __________________________________STATE/ __________________________ COUNTRY: _____________________ ZIP: ____________
        P.O. BOX: ______________CITY: _____________________STATE/ _________________ COUNTRY: _____________________ ZIP: ____________
        TELEPHONE: ___________________________ FAX: ___________________________ EMAIL: ____________________________________________
        YOUR NAME:  ___________________________________________TITLE: ____________________________________________________________
        PRODUCTS OF INTEREST: __________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                          Form Completed By: ________________________
                                                                                       Date: ________________________

                  PLASTIC PROCESS EQUIPMENT, INC.                                  
                   E 8303 CORPORATE PARK DRIVE         W  6385 MONTESSOURI STREET
                  A MACEDONIA, OHIO 44056              E  LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89113       Toll Free: USA, Canada & Mexico
                   S 216-367-7000 • FAX: 216-367-7022  S  702-433-6385 • FAX: 702-433-6388  800-362-0706
                   T TOLL FREE: 800-321-0562            T  TOLL FREE: 800-258-8877         Order Fax: 800-223-8305
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